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Hi! We are Maven

Looking for a dedicated team of developers? Or need just one hero to strengthen your in-house team? Maven helps you find highly skilled software developers who can seamlessly fit in to your working/technical and team environment, either on a project basis or as a team extension.

Our Core Business Models

Agile Fixed Price

Ideal model for companies that work in fast changing environments. Clients are guaranteed that budget is predetermined, but the project still has the prioritization possibility and flexible scope. Start right the way, add changes on-the-go.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated team model lets you accelerate the development process by hiring a highly specialized talents. This approach is especially suited for dynamic and innovative companies that want to improve their products.

Search & Selection Service

When you have trouble finding the right developer on your market but nearshoring your capacity is a bridge too far for you, and you prefer a candidate to work in your local core team. That is where our Search and Selection service comes in handy!

Give us your challenge and we will give you our solution