Dedicated Nearshoring

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Are you missing a flexible peel around your local core team?

Together with you we find and hire the candidates who fit your requirements in both soft and hard skills. The moment there is a match, your developer will work from one of our well-equipped offices. You benefit from our knowledge base as your new staff has access to the expertise of our rock star software developers of Maven to help accelerate and preform even better.

Dedicated Team Model

We learn about the client’s project and its challenges
We provide the working space, do the paperwork, pay the salary.
We search for suitable candidates and hold interviews
We provide support and control.
We offer our clients to interview the best candidates
We use Jira and the complete Atlassian stack, Redmine and other task managers.
Our client has the final say in the candidate selection process
We provide time reports for each developer and each task if our client does not have own tracking system.
Not sure if you need a dedicated team?
Our clients who hired dedicated developers for their projects through MavenEcommerce
BuyerQuest is a leader in enterprise application software and eProcurement operating at companies of all sizes and industries.BuyerQuest hired Maven Ecommerce to find a dedicated team of 3 – 7 people managed by their own Project Manager.
Baby Park is the largest children’s goods megastore in Europe based in the Netherlands, engaged MavenEcommerce to hire a dedicated software developer working on their projects reporting to BabyPark’s Project Manager.