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Meet Jeff

Jeff runs a fast-growing company. He is a professional, always organized, involved in all aspects of his business and works hard to expand its operations. His company is about to have a breakthrough in its market. But in order to develop a project that is critical to the business needs, Jeff will need to hire more web developers.

What are Jeff’s concerns?

Jeff and his team of web developers outlined the scope of the project and came to the realization that certain areas of expertise will have to be covered by new web developers. Jeff needs a number of issues to be covered

Good web developers specializing in certain areas can be hard to find.
His team will not be able to assure quality of work of certain specialists.
The team does not have enough knowledge to identify the best candidates.
He needs team that is flexible enough to fit current business needs
Outsourcing seems like
an obvious solution?

But Jeff and his Project Manager want to have an efficient project management process in place with a fully committed team of motivated professionals, which outsourcing is rarely able to provide. Jeff wants to be in full control of the team and wants to have a final say in the selection process to hire the people best suited for his team.

Jeff hired Maven

Jeff contacted us at Maven enquiring about the solutions we could offer. We were able to accommodate his needs and helped him hire his A-Team in just a few weeks with minimal risk involved for his company.

Why Maven

At Maven we have an exceptionally qualified team of web developers backed up by experienced project managers. Hiring the right specialists has always been our top priority and our success is based largely on the competence and creative power of the people we hire.

Our founders’ knowledge of the developer community and the experience of cooperation with a wide range of web developers helps us identify the best specialists for any project you may have, and our interviewing process is suited to identify the most knowledgeable and skillful candidates that you will be able to choose from.

Maven area of expertise includes a wide range of technologies including but not limited to
Magento 2
Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker
Magento 1, Magento high loads
OroCRM, OroCommerce, OroPlatform
jQuery, Prototype, Node.JS
NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch)
Zend Framework, Symfony2
Magento page load optimisation
Message brokers: IronMQ, SQS, RabbitMQ
Patterns: MVC, MVVM, Microservices, Hexagonal
Yes! I want to hire through Maven
We pick the right developers with unique sets of skills. Our clients just need to point at the preferred candidates.
Our clients avoid administrative or HR-related expenses.
Developers we hire for our clients work on their project exclusively and report to the project manager on the client’s staff.
We understand the needs of our clients and look for the best match. Our process allows us to find and hire the best candfidates within 6 – 8 weeks.
There are no hidden costs, just a fixed price per month.
The hired personnel works next to our highly qualified specialists and have access to their expertise.
Our clients pay only for the hired developers, not for CVs.
Our clients can choose to fire a specialist by giving us 2-week notice during the first 3 months and 1-month notice afterwards.
Our Process
We learn about the client’s project and its challenges
We provide the working space, do the paperwork, pay the salary.
We search for suitable candidates and hold interviews
We provide support and control.
We offer our clients to interview the best candidates
We use Jira and the complete Atlassian stack, Redmine and other task managers.
Our client has the final say in the candidate selection process
We provide time reports for each developer and each task if our client does not have own tracking system.
Give us your challenge and we will give you our solution
How we helped Jeff

For Jeff’s project, we helped identify additional criteria for the candidates based on the information we received about the project. Later Maven specialists held candidate selection process and Jeff held meetings with the selected candidates to choose the people best fitting his team both professionally and personally.

We hired these developers, and they work next to Maven team, having access to the expertise of some of the best web developers in the market. At the same time, they remain Jeff’s dedicated team and work on his project exclusively.

We provide code reviewing to ensure the quality of work of Jeff’s new team members at his request.

How Jeff benefited

Today Jeff’s company has a scalable and flexible team of highly professional web developers working in close coordination with his project manager.

By hiring Maven Jeff managed to avoid long and costly hiring process and other HR-related and administrative expenses.

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Our clients who hired dedicated developers for their projects through MavenEcommerce
BuyerQuest is a leader in enterprise application software and eProcurement operating at companies of all sizes and industries.BuyerQuest hired Maven Ecommerce to find a dedicated team of 3 – 7 people managed by their own Project Manager. http://www.buyerquest.com/
Baby Park is the largest children’s goods megastore in Europe based in the Netherlands, engaged MavenEcommerce to hire a dedicated software developer working on their projects reporting to BabyPark’s Project Manager.