Search and Selection

Hire Developers From Ukraine

Seeking local web developers can be time-consuming and exhausting. And you are not even guaranteed a good result! Try Maven Search & Selection service and we will find you brilliant Ukrainian developers with unique sets of skills.

Why Ukrainians?

Ukraine is one of the largest IT markets in Europe replenished by thousands of young talents graduating from technical Universities in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv, contributing to the annual 25% growth of the Ukrainian IT sector. This land is the leader in IT outsourcing, which has made Ukrainian developers particularly in-demand for their international work experience and strong English skills.

Speaking of quality, Ukraine is consistently among the top producers of certified IT professionals and the largest in the European continent (around 25 thousand, while the total number of IT professionals in Ukraine is estimated at 200 – 215 thousand people). In the Most Master-Level Certified Nation Ukraine came second to the United States of America.

This is THE market. Here you are guaranteed to find exceptionally qualified candidates with the skills and experience you’re looking for.

Why Maven?


Our IT recruiters have 10+ years of experience in web development and can recognize their equals.


We have profound knowledge of the market and a vast experience of working with some of the best minds in the industry.


We deliver qualified candidates with the demanded set of skills for an interview within 2–4 weeks. On average the entire recruitment process takes 4–7 weeks.


During the pre-selection process we interview all the candidates in person to introduce you only to the best ones.


Our recruitment fee is lower than that of your local agencies.


We do not charge per resume. Only for the candidates you hire.

How It Works?
  • Your inquiry

    You send us an inquiry

  • Investigation

    We investigate
    your goals and needs

  • Search

    We search for candidates
    through various channels

  • Interview

    We interview
    the best candidates

  • Tech test

    We tech test
    prior to your meeting
    the candidate or with
    your participation

  • Organize meeting

    Find the best ones and
    organize meeting with you

  • Hire stage

    You hire your new developer


How We Test?

  • Hard Skills

    We test the candidate’s technical skills depending on the qualifications that the client is looking for. The tasks can be suggested by the client. The client can also evaluate the candidate’s results.

  • Language Skills

    We test English skills to make sure the candidate will be able to successfully communicate in English-speaking environment.

  • Soft Skills

    We test self-awareness, critical thinking, problem solving, ability to work in a team, motivation and other aspects of the candidate’s individuality critical to successful performance.

  • Recommendations

    We check the candidate’s recommendations to make sure how the person performed in previous positions.


Do we help you relocate your new developer?

No, we help you find the excellent technical specialist ready to relocate.

What is the price of your Search & Selection service?

It depends on the skill set and the experience of the developer you are looking for. Click here to get a quote.

How soon will you arrange the first interviews?

On the average, from the moment the contract is signed, it takes us 2 – 4 weeks to find and preselect the candidates for your consideration. Should the skill set be particularly unique, we aim to provide you with the candidates within a month.

How is tech testing performed?

We prepare tech tests depending on the skill set critical for the client.The testing can be done in the presence of the client (online or offline). Our developers check the task performance. The client is able to suggest tasks and view the result.